1 HOUR of Crypto Mining Advice (ETH2.0? Best GPU? Is it too late to start mining? Sell or buy GPUs?)

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In this video I answer all of the common crypto mining questions you guys sent to me so I can give you some advice about crypto mining for beginners. Mining crypto currencies like Ethereum, Ravencoin or Bitcoin on GPUs has been a great way to make money at home for the last few years and it has become even more profitable in the last 12 months. But as interest in crypto mining grows, a lot of questions on how to do it and how to make the most amount of money with it pops up. I asked you guys to send me all of your questions about mining crypto on graphics cards for me to answer in this video. Some of the big questions I touch on in this video are: Is it too late to start mining cryptocurrency? Is Ethereum mining better than staking? Will GPU prices go down in 2022? AMD vs Nvidia for mining? What's the best GPU for mining for beginners? How much money can you make from mining crypto? Is GPU mining still profitable? And so on! I hope you learn a lot about mining cryptocurrencyπŸ™‚ π‚π‡π„π‚πŠ πŽπ”π“ 𝐆𝐏𝐔 π‘πˆπ’π„π‘π’: US/CA: - use code SEB for 10% off! UK/EU: - use code SEB for 10% off! Altered Component: Max Voltage: How to overclock your GPU for mining: All white mining rig build: Using m.2 adapters and pcie splitters on gaming motherboard: Mine multiple coins on one rig: πŸ“¦ π€πŒπ€π™πŽπ π‹πˆππŠπ’ Nvidia GPUs: AMD GPUs: Store your crypto securely: Toolkit for building rigs/fixing GPUs: Motherboard I use: Different motherboard I like: CPUs: RAM: 850W power supply: 1200W power supply: My favourite GPUs for ETH (1660 Super): Great overall mining GPUs (3060): Plug 4 risers into one PCIe slot with this: Mini touchscreen: (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) πŸ“š 𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐍 π€ππŽπ”π“ π‚π‘π˜ππ“πŽ Listen to "The Bitcoin Standard" & "The Age of Cryptocurrency" with a free Audible Premium Plus trail: (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) ⛏️ Wanna build a mining rig frame? I made this awesome pdf guide! 🎧 Listen to my music on Spotify: πŸ’¬ Need mining help? Join the Misfit Mining Discord: #gpumining #cryptomining #ethereummining #eth #ethmining #btc #bitcoinmining #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #cryptominingrig #GPUMiningRigs πŸ“Ό π•πˆπƒπ„πŽ π‚πŽππ“π„ππ“ 00:00 Advice about crypto mining for beginners 01:32 Best GPU risers and splitter cables for mining 07:17 Will GPU prices go down in 2022? 08:16 Best GPU for mining in 2022 09:19 Cheapest way to build a mining rig 10:14 GTX 1660 vs RTX 3060 etc 12:10 GPU mining vs ASIC mining 12:53 Is it too late to start mining cryptocurrency? Should you buy GPUs or wait? 14:52 Should you sell your GPUs? 16:10 What is good GPU mining efficiency on Ethereum, Ravencoin, Ergo & Flux? 17:53 Should you hold or sell your mined crypto? 18:40 Is efficiency more important than high hashrate? 20:30 AMD vs Nvidia for mining 21:20 Mining investments and profits 22:06 Best GPU for mining for beginners 22:46 Speculative mining 25:00 Ethereum mining vs staking 25:50 How to find mining pools and mining pool fees 26:38 Overclock settings explained 30:25 Multiple mining rigs vs one big mining rig 31:02 How to clean a graphics card 34:00 How much money you make from mining crypto and whattomine explained 35:20 How many GPUs can a motherboard support? 36:47 Mining profits vs electricity cost 37:53 Can you use different GPUs for mining in one rig? 38:25 2 fan vs 3 fan GPUs 38:50 Where to buy gpus in 2022? 39:28 How I decide what to make videos about 41:17 Can overclocking damage your GPU? 43:30 How to troubleshoot to find out what's wrong with your mining rig 46:53 Where to buy replacement GPU fans? 46:48 Can you make a full time income mining cryptocurrency? 47:40 Why is my mining rig crashing? 48:47 How many GPUs is best for mining? 50:05 Will Ethereum go to proof of stake (POS) this year? Will ETH 2.0 come in 2022? 51:16 Is GPU mining still profitable? 51:23 Why should you stop windows updates on your mining rig? 52:25 Will mining end? Will other coins go to proof of stake? 53:15 Safe GPU temperatures for mining 54:47 How to cool your mining rig None of the content in my videos or elsewhere is direct advice, financial or otherwise. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes. You do things at your own risk. You are responsible for your own actions. Do your own research.
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