1inch Leading DEX Aggregator in Crypto SCAMS and BANS USA Traders

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

1inch previously the best DEX aggregator for trading cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges SCAMS US crypto investors and traders by banning USA 1inch users from trading on their "decentralized" platform.. Subscribe to VoskCoin - ContraCoin buy real estate w/ crypto?? BT-miners sells crypto miners - 1inch is the WORST DEX aggregator now! Helium miners are the best mining rigs to buy - Bobcat Miner 300 HNT miner is the BEST Helium miner to buy - 1inch made a huge buzz with their crypto airdrops, and 1inch quickly became an interesting token to farm, stake, and hold simply to gain exposure to the DeFi decentralized finance crypto sector but unfortunately, 1inch has lost its way because there's nothing decentralized about them as they are nothing short of a scam calling themselves decentralized and being governed by a DAO but banning US traders. If you ban a country's residents from using your platform, you aren't decentralized and it's just astonishing making 1inch one of the worst crypto investments in 2021. 🔗 Links! 🔗 Watch our original 1inch DEX review - Learn how to use Metamask the best ETH wallet - ⏰ Timestamps ⏰ 00:00 1Inch has officially banned US citizens 02:10 Decentralization in crypto 04:09 1Inch WAS a great DEX tool for crypto trading 05:42 1Inch US ban & the future of "1Inch US" 07:35 Why are 1Inch not speaking about this ban? 08:48 BT Miners will help you find the miner you want! 09:36 Potential reasons for this US ban 10:30 Other DEX Aggregator options 12:46 MetaMask and their Swap function 15:30 ContraCoin 17:16 DEX profits are absolutely insane! 18:52 VoskCoin 1Inch ban review VoskCoinTalk the VoskCoin forum - VoskCoin Facebook - VoskCoin Reddit - VoskCoin Discord Server Invite - VoskCoin Twitter - VoskCoin Instagram - VoskCoin is for entertainment purposes only and is never intended to be financial investment advice. VoskCoin owns or has owned cryptocurrency and associated hardware. VoskCoin may receive donations or sponsorships in association with certain content creation. VoskCoin may receive compensation when affiliate/referral links are used. VoskCoin is home of the Doge Dad, VoskCoin is not your Dad, and thus VoskCoin is never liable for any decisions you make. #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #VoskCoin #1inch #defi #decentralizedfinance #hiddengem #cryptomoonshot #moonshot #investing #getrich #passiveincome #uniswap #bitcoin
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