27: Chris Adams on Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

Chris Adams is the CEO of Dreamr, a technology-based platform aiming to make the pursuit of our biggest dreams and aspirations more practical. In this conversation, we discuss: 0:00 Intro 0:46 Dreamr’s mission and goal 7:51 Meditation best practices 13:59 Dreamr and the $DMR token 19:02 How to create a cryptocurrency / Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 24:27 Why they chose Ethereum 28:56 Poker and sports betting 31:26 Crypto in Las Vegas 32:22 Partnering with Delchain 34:04 Charitable crypto 39:35 Mac Miller 41:26 Rapid fire questions 44:12 Outro Dreamr Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Chris Adams Twitter:
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