48 Hours Until This Bill Impacts Crypto

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

Crypto news. Bitcoin news. Infrastructure bill crypto. 🔗Join the Patreon before it fills up: ✨ Crypto exchange I use: 💻Free Discord Link: 💵Grab one of the FIRST Bitcoin credit cards: 📚 Learn how I earn $50,000+ per month on YouTube: 💵LIMITED: Get 2 FREE Stocks: 🚚My in-depth moving company course: 📷ALL of my camera and recording equipment: ✉️Join my newsletter: My Instagram: We don’t have much time until a bill will be voted on that impacts crypto holders. This is the U.S. infrastructure bill sitting on the House floor. Hidden in this spending bill is new legislation on crypto. however, it seems like there is a lot of confusion on what this legislation actually does so having a lot of experience in interpreting legislation I decided to do my part here and break down this bill to show what it really does, this way you can make more informed decisions. Let’s talk about this bill's likely future, what’s in the bill, how it impacts crypto, and where the confusion lies. The bill in question is the $1 trillion dollar united states bipartisan spending bill. This massive bill made to give the United States a kind of infrastructure a face-lift has already passed in the Senate and now needs a thumbs up from the House and President. The House is set to vote on this bill on Thursday the 30th of September 0:00 Hello 0:36 Why this bill matters 2:41 Overview of bill and spending items 7:52 How crypto fits in to this bill 10:38 How crypto will be treated 11:43 Should you be worried 13:09 Biden's package Schedule one-on-one business consulting with me here: *I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice*
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