9: Sergej Kotliar -- Living on Crypto

cryptocurrency 10 months ago

Sergej Kotliar is the CEO at Bitrefill, a crypto-only e-commerce company that provides a catalog of gift cards, prepaid mobile refills, and Lightning networking services that allow anyone to live on cryptocurrency. In this conversation, we discuss: 0:00 Intro 0:37 Sweden and Hockey 1:54 Sweden's startup ecosystem 3:44 Bitrefill 10:09 Phone refills 11:33 Challenges of being in over 170 countries 12:51 Business model 14:11 Raising money in the crypto industry 17:25 Customer spending habits 19:34 Declaring crypto holdings 21:39 Company culture 24:20 Advice to new entrepreneurs and startups 27:05 Cryptonaut 29:45 Importance of building in public 31:26 Future of Bitrefill 33:10 DeFi and NFT hot takes 40:18 Bitcoin and Ethereum price predictions 40:57 Outro Bitrefill: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitrefill - Website: https://www.bitrefill.com/ - Telegram: @bitrefill Sergej - Twitter: https://twitter.com/ziggamon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This episode is brought to you by CoinPoker. CoinPoker is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that was developed by an ambitious team of poker lovers. CoinPoker uses USDT as the main in-game currency and CHP as in-game fuel, offering all benefits of the crypto world alongside. CoinPoker also features instant and secure transactions using USDT, ETH, BTC or CHP tokens and no KYC. CoinPoker users get huge promotions, as they give away thousands in fiat value each week. CHP is the currency of the CoinPoker economy providing players with exclusive benefits and supports future developments delivered to the CoinPoker community. Play some hands, collect wins, and cash out in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or CHP! Twitter: @CoinPoker_OFF Website: coinpoker.com Telegram: @officialcoinpoker
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