"A Total COLLAPSE Is Here - Buy Bitcoin" - Cathie Wood WARNING & Bitcoin Prediction 2024

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🔥My FREE Daily On-Chain Analysis & Crypto News In 5-Mins: 👉🏻 https://www.cryptonutshell.com/subscribe 🔥🌳 You can NOW Become a member of our channel to support us! 🌳👑 👉🏻 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZg7FTpyFB9lSpk-_cVr3Q/join Right now, we are seeing serious global currency devaluations, and no one is talking about it. During these times of financial turbulence, Bitcoin has risen as a digital asset and a possible hedge against economic instability. It is a financial superhighway and the only option against crashing fiat currencies. This is the latest message from Cathie Wood. Recently, Cathie Wood spoke about various topics related to finance and technology. One of the key points she discussed was the performance of ETFs, particularly highlighting the significance of Ark's Bitcoin ETF launch and the positive reception it received. Wood emphasized that this is just the beginning for Bitcoin and the broader digital asset class, noting the increasing interest from institutional investors and the potential macro factors driving demand. She also touched on the current state of the financial world, pointing out concerns such as the dovish stance of the Federal Reserve and the growing recognition of Bitcoin as both a risk-on and risk-off asset. She shared her thoughts on specific aspects like Coinbase, the upcoming halving event, and the monetary shock to economic growth, highlighting Bitcoin's volatility as an inherent characteristic of this new asset class. However, make sure to stay until the end of the video where Cathie Wood reveals why Bitcoin is a hedge against currency devaluations and rogue regimes. About Cathie Wood: Catherine Duddy Wood is an American investor and the founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, an investment management firm. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIALS Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaminTree My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamincurrie/ Email: jamin.tree@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⬇ Other Cryptocurrency & Finance Videos For You⬇ ► I interview Michael Saylor - Latest Interview on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper Inflation & UFO’s (2021) https://youtu.be/knx-HhEgzJc ► Michael Saylor: My WARNING about Ethereum | Michael Saylor on ETH 2.0 & Ethereum Price Prediction https://youtu.be/1-tEILPjBQk ► Ethereum Supercycle! $20,000 Price Target - Should you buy Ethereum? ETH Price Prediction (MAY 2021) https://youtu.be/7_5gMiklvGg ► Realistic Ethereum Price Prediction (2021) - ARK invest Quant Analyst REVEALS why ETH can hit $40000 https://youtu.be/SEkHjQLphtM #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum "Ethereum To $166,000, Bitcoin To $1.5 Million - Here's WHY" Cathie Wood Crypto Prediction "Everyone Is SO WRONG About The Bitcoin Halving..." Cathie Wood 2024 Crypto Prediction "A Total COLLAPSE Is Here - Buy Bitcoin" - Cathie Wood WARNING & Bitcoin Prediction 2024
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