BBT Team rocking out restored GPUs

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

The BBT Team has been absolutely crushing it the last few weeks, blasting through nearly 400 gpus, completely restoring to nearly brand new status. Fully scrub & clean, fresh Kryonaught thermal paste and fresh thermal pads these GPUs are getting the royal treatment. 🌎 Video Sponsor - Compass Mining πŸ“šLooking for Mining Tool / Equipment Key Links Our Rig Testing / Cleaning Hardware GPUs: XFX BC-160 - PSU 1200 P2 - 🎼 Background Audio β†’ No audio πŸ’¬ Join the Discord server β†’ πŸ‘• Check out the BitsBeTrippin merch, refresh in 2022 β†’ Coming Soon 🌎 Follow BitsBeTrippin everywhere β†’ Twitch - β†’ Twitter - #bbt #gpus #restore
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