Beauty Meets Blockchain with the Co-Founder of KIKI, Jana Bobosikova | Gen C Ep 78

cryptocurrency 1 week ago

In this episode, Avery and Sam interview Jana Bobosikova, the co-founder of KIKI. KIKI is a beauty platform that rewards customers for participating in the product development process through voting, sharing ideas and providing feedback, using blockchain technology and NFTs to facilitate co-creation and co-ownership. We explore KIKI's innovative approach, the importance of community involvement and the future of decentralized product development. 00:00 Weekly News Rundown 11:50 Gen C Sponsored by Safe 12:10 Consensus 2024 - CODE GENC for Discount 12:58 Interview with Jana Bobosikova, Co-Founder of KIKI 42:15 Recap and Final Thoughts #cryptocurrency #digitalfinance #finance #bitcoin #cryptonewstoday #genc #marketing #brands #branding #web3 Subscribe to CoinDesk on YouTube: CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Newsletters: CoinDesk Podcast Network: Markets Daily Crypto Roundup:
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