BIGGEST WIN FOR CRYPTO as Worst Tether FUD destroyed!!

cryptocurrency 2 months ago

Hey ET Fam! After a great live today, I’m back again to deliver you all’s daily dose of #crypto gospel! Let’s end our Wednesday off the right way. It’s been a big day for #Tether, as they have secured a huge win in court today. Regardless of how you feel about Tether, a win for them is a win for all of crypto. Also, #DYDX is doing the darn thing. It has seen an 80% gain this week. All of this is due to the citizens of China looking for other solutions to use that will allow them to continue to participate in the crypto space. This goes to show that China’s regulation isn’t enough to stop this revolutionary industry that we’ve dedicated ourselves to. This also shows the power of decentralization. They can issue as many “bans” as they see fit, but our response will always be, “Hell no! We won’t go!” We will continue to BUIDL! We will continue to HODL! We will continue to dismantle any and all FUD! Most importantly, my team and I will continue to report from the frontlines! For us, it’s all or nothing! All we need is for you all to continue to stand with us. I hope everyone takes solace in the fact that we’re still moving forward as planned. Have a great evening fam! Disclaimer: this is just my opinion bros! Not financial advice!
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