BITCOIN AND ETHEREUM PUMPING! THESE Altcoins will 20X in 20 days!

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

✅ Follow EllioTrades on Twitter: Happy Friday E.T Fam! The bulls are back in town! I’ve been telling you all to stay ready, because I knew that the crypto train would continue chugging along. #Bitcoin has made it back above the 21-week EMA and we’re currently pumping. #Ethereum has also started to hit its stride. This has led to an overall market pump. Don’t stop, get it get it! 🚀 Right now, the charts are looking like the Amazon rain forest, green everywhere.🤪 Be sure to join me live because we’re going to break down all of the reasons the market is looking so bullish right now. Could we finally be on the road to that $100k+ pump that everyone in the cryptoverse has been predicting? Let’s talk about it. Also, I have a treat for the Fam. I’m going to be dropping more #altcoin alpha on everyone’s heads! We still have a few peaks and valleys to traverse, but we’re definitely making our way to Valhalla sooner than later. See you all soon….. DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR
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