Bitcoin Cool-Off: Here Is How Macro Will Affect The Price Of Bitcoin

cryptocurrency 2 weeks ago

I am joined by Noelle Acheson, author of the 'Crypto is Macro Now' newsletter, as we discuss the impact of macroeconomics on cryptocurrency and what to expect from Bitcoin in the near future. Chris Inks will join in the second part to share some interesting trades in crypto and beyond. Noelle Acheson: Noelle's newsletter: Chris Inks: ►► DevvE DevvE is a next-generation cryptocurrency - DevvE addresses Bitcoin’s most significant weaknesses—regulatory compliance, energy consumption, costs and speed! 👉 Follow DevvE on X for Updates: 👉 Join the DevvE Telegram group to stay in the know! ►► JOIN SNIPER SCHOOL W/SCOTT MELKER - LEARN LIFE-CHANGING KNOWLEDGE! Join Sheldon the Sniper and Scott Melker for Expert Insights & Strategies in Crypto Trading! Starting January 31st!! 👉 ►► JOIN THE FREE WOLF DEN NEWSLETTER, DELIVERED EVERY WEEKDAY! 👉 ►►OKX SIGN UP FOR AN OKX TRADING ACCOUNT THEN DEPOSIT & TRADE TO UNLOCK MYSTERY BOX REWARDS OF UP TO $60,000! 👉 ►►TRADING ALPHA READY TO TRADE LIKE THE PROS? THE BEST TRADERS IN CRYPTO ARE RELYING ON THESE INDICATORS TO MAKE TRADES. USE CODE ‘25OFF’ FOR 25% OFF WHEN VISITING MY LINK. 👉 ►►NGRAVE This is the coldest hardware wallet in the world and the only one that I personally use. 👉 ►►NORD VPN GET EXCLUSIVE NORDVPN DEAL - 40% DISCOUNT! IT’S RISK-FREE WITH NORD’S 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY! 👉 Follow Scott Melker: Twitter: Web: Spotify: Apple podcast: #Bitcoin #Crypto #trading Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:00 Up Only is a myth 2:50 Market structure of Bitcoin ETFs 5:00 Outflows: not alarming 6:10 Bitcoin is a macro asset 8:00 Rising treasury yields 9:30 Rate cuts or hikes? 16:40 Data accuracy 19:30 When recession? 21:00 Jobs 23:00 Bitcoin thesis 26:30 Noelle’s newsletter 28:00 Devve 31:30 Bitcoin chart 38:00 SEI 39:30 Injective 42:30 CRV 47:00 VET 50:30 Meme coins The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and should in no way be interpreted as financial advice. This video was created for entertainment. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision. I am not a financial advisor. Nothing contained in this video constitutes or shall be construed as an offering of financial instruments or as investment advice or recommendations of an investment strategy or whether or not to "Buy," "Sell," or "Hold" an investment.
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