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☀️ Moralis Money Surprise: 👉 Bybit $30'000 Starter Bonus: How to get the money line? Get starter plan or higher: ✅ SIGN UP FOR TELEGRAM NOTIFICATIONS: 00:00 Intro - Printer goes BRRRRR 00:14 This is the start of the new cycle 00:38 Political change - Trump likely to win the election 01:07 BTC speaking at 2024 01:17 Global change happening - Many countries will buy BTC. Germany, huh?? 01:58 Political change - Most mispriced aspect of crypto right now 02:30 CFTC - 70-80 percent of cryptocurrencies are non-securities - not priced in 03:15 Be careful next year - 2025 will likely bring the top 03:35 Baba Vanka predictions for end of humanity 04:50 Welcome to the chat 05:10 Shout out to ByBit 05:34 Moralis Money trending coins overview - Gaming coins coming back 06:07 Moralis Money Top market overview 06:19 Vitalik - visiting Web3 conference by bus in the rain 07:30 Top gainers overview 08:18 Still fighting our way out of the consolidation 08:43 Reasons why to look at the bigger picture - France, 90 percent tax on income above 400K 10:05 Politicians are unwise to speak about this - only the middle class will be left 10:34 Work on tech and online and be free from this - Be in crypto or at least in tech 11:17 As a lawyer specialize in crypto laws 11:54 Middle class will be left to pay the ballooning government expenses 12:16 Shout out to Moralis Academy - Crypto is the only worldwide industry 12:45 NVidia founder bullish on ETH 13:16 SOL chart - holding up nicely 13:44 SOL - Full Firedancer client on testnet. Massive improvement to SOL 15:20 Alt coin lower cap overview - TRON, AVAX, SHIBA, DOT, LINK 17:00 LINK chart 17:20 Polygon MATIC - concerning. They are struggling, programmer explains 19:40 Kaspa - Massive uptrend 20:18 Pepe - Holding up ok 20:36 ChainGPT - All kinds of updates coming. AI narrative will come back 21:31 Toncoin - super strong with many apps. KYC in their wallet is a mistake 23:10 EU MiCA regulation background story - Italy, BTC and ETH are unbacked and a gamble 25:00 A dying breed of Boomerasaurus 25:32 Q and A 25:58 Q1: Check CPI, truflation? 26:52 Q2: Thoughts on SUI? 28:58 Q3: Which coins will stand the test of time? 30:56 Q4: Italians are super conservative? 31:20 Q5: Moralis Money OnChain sentiment? 31:33 Q6: Was was the hardest time building Moralis so far? 33:10 Q7: When cardano added to Moralis? 33:51 Q8: SEC sueing software code? 35:36 Should any software be illegal? 38:24 Outro Twitter: This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This is all my own opinion. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. Please take this information and do your own research. bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, altcoin, altcoin daily, blockchain, decentralized, news, best investment, top altcoins, ethereum, tron, stellar, binance, cardano, litecoin, 2019, 2020, crash, bull run, bottom, crash, tether, bitfinex, rally, tone vays, ivan on tech, chico, video, youtube, macro, price, prediction, podcast, interview, trump, finance, stock, investment, halving, halvening, too late, when, fed, federal reserve, interest rates, rates, cut, economy, stock market, Good Morning Crypto Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist
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