Bitcoin: Fear and Greed Index

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

This chart shows the Bitcoin price over time color coded by the Fear & Greed Index. The Fear & Greed Index analyzes emotions as well as the Bitcoin market sentiment and crunches those numbers into a simple meter from 0 to 100. 0 means "Extreme Fear", while 100 means "Extreme Greed". The different factors that are included in calculating the Index are: Volatility (25%), Market Momentum/Volume (25%), Social Media (15%), Surveys (15%) (currently paused), Dominance (10%), Google Trends (10%) Into The Cryptoverse Premium SALE: Fear & Greed Index: Into The Cryptoverse Newsletter: LIFETIME OPTION: Alternative Option: Merch: Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice. Telegram: Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: Discord: Facebook: Reddit: Website:
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