Bitcoin Heading Into A Parabolic Rally? (Collaboration with Jordan Lindsey)

cryptocurrency 2 months ago

0:00 - INTRO 1:07 - What’s Up Bitcoin? 3:58 - Bitcoin Things On Bitcoin Time 5:28 - Mid-Cycle Low 6:20 - Making🌊Waves 8:59 - Managing Emotions 11:11 - $100K? 13:21 - Taking Profits 14:54 - FOMO 16:49 - Taking Positions 18:28 - Blow-Off Top 21:35 - The Risk🧮Metric 22:36 - Big Stupid Candle 24:29 - Central Bank Centric 27:36 - Bear Market Patterns 31:21 - Cleansing & Accumulating 32:32 - General Summary 34:14 - Support & Resistance 37:13 - …Some Are Useful🛠 38:22 - OUTRO Subscribe to Jordan: Follow Jordan On Twitter: Follow Me On Twitter: Could a parabolic rally for Bitcoin be coming? In this video, Jordan walks us through the Bitcoin bounce off of the mid-cycle dip. If this scenario continues to play out, it could yield another local high in November (end of wave 2), follow by one final pullback, with a parabolic rally going into the end of the year. Could this play out again? In this video, Jordan walks us through where he thinks Bitcoin is headed, and also discusses the general strategy behind using the model. He also provides guidance on how to adapt to the market if market conditions change. Premium List : LIFETIME OPTION: Alternative Option: Merch: Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice. Telegram: Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: Discord: Facebook: Reddit: Website:
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