Bitcoin Onchain Metrics Hint Where Price is Headed...

cryptocurrency 1 year ago

Dylan LeClair explains the state of the Bitcoin market, and how onchain analysis shows the bull run is not over. This is an episode of the Profit Maximalist Podcast. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe & hit the Like button! ►Get $200 deposit bonus on your Bybit trading account: ►Profit Maximalist is the daily show for crypto traders & Bitcoin investors. Hear from the largest funds, top traders, best analysts, and key players in the crypto market. Drop a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the show! ►Follow Dylan here: ►Checkout more of Dylan's research: ►Listen on iTunes: ►Listen on Spotify:,%2C%20poker%20players%2C%20and%20entrepreneurs ►Follow me on Twitter: ​ _______________________________________________________________ 0:00 Intro 1:12 Dylan's Background 5:00 Is it actually a bear market? 12:20 Leverage in Bitcoin 17:00 Stablecoins impact on market 20:00 Bitcoin Holders Are Growing 24:50 Bitcoin Supply Change 28:00 How to value Bitcoin 33:10 Bitcoin futures pricing 36:00 Key things to watch for Bitcoin 38:00 China banning Bitcoin mining 41:30 Grayscale impact on market 45:30 Summary #Crypto​ #Bitcoin​ #Investing
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