BITCOIN: TRUMPS INSANE CRYPTO PLAN!!!! 🚨 (all holders must see this)

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❀️ Free 100 page ebook (click, read, portfolio go up): πŸ‘‰ Bybit $30'000 Starter Bonus: How to get the money line? Get starter plan or higher: βœ… SIGN UP FOR TELEGRAM NOTIFICATIONS: 00:00 Intro - market is still hesitant 00:13 Javier Milei - BTC should be a free currency 01:18 We will have a big crypto wave across the world 01:35 Average Joe is now starting to understand it 01:45 Trump - US must lead in BTC to stay competitive 02:14 Trump speech - video 02:37 We need to hear how different countries compete for BTC 02:59 EU is overregulated 03:27 Trump is anti CBDC 03:49 94 percent of worldwide central banks work on CBDC 04:31 There is a chance that US and other countries are buying BTC for their reserves 04:58 Pharma Bro claims Barron Trump holds private keys to DJT token - audio explanation 07:50 Ansem is working together with the Trumps ? 08:34 Welcome to the chat 08:48 Shout out to ByBit 09:13 BTC weekly chart - same as yesterday 09:27 Mispricing of BTC right now is a big opportunity 09:40 Younger groups hold more crypto and alternative investments 10;24 Biggest investment opportunity in the world that is mispriced is crypto 11:40 Anti BTC narratives are dying fast - Gaslighting, fake news 12:32 Mispricing is opportunity 13:33 Central Banks buying gold like never before 14:09 Many countries not even holding their own assets 14:43 Why are assets stored in foreign intermediaries, crypto is easier 15:20 Jump crypto adding 10M USD to 169M USD in total for super PAC 17:28 Crypto community to create sustainable bipartisan coalition 18:00 Jeremy Allaire - Stablecoins to make up 10 percent of money in the next decade 19:09 DeFi has shown to be more stable than any centralized system 20:01 Become part of the best market to give the best rates 20:26 A rant about anti BTC narratives losing traction 21:28 VanEck brings BTC ETF to Australia 21:49 74K vs 64K meme 22:12 At 70K the FOMO is going to be insane - Long consolidation importance explained 23:16 Certik vs Kraken drama - Certik found a bug in Kraken - Constructing a deposit reversal transaction 28:39 Bug bounty program explained 29:26 EU chat control revisited - exemptions will be made though 30:31 Next stop - I know a guy who needs to be exempt too, F-ed up 30:57 How will we survive in this mass surveillance regime - Down the rabbit hole 31:36 All new phones equipped with neuro processing chip - can they moderate real time already? 32:34 Do not throw away your old phone. Save it 32:58 Surveillance on HW level. Does not matter which software you run 34:40 How it could work 35:18 BENJI - Keeps pumping 35:42 PEPE - Strong chart 36:02 APU - The mistaken PEPE 38:07 AARK - calming down for nice entry 38:54 Final thoughts on chat control - Swedish mole blog post 42:34 We need small countries - meme 43:51 Q and A 44:15 Q1: Each person should become their own country? 44:36 Q2: Crossing US borders? 45:19 Q3: Ledger compromise. What to do then? 45:50 Q4: Thoughts on ZK-Rollups projects? 50:09 Outro πŸ™Œ Collaborations and Business: Twitter: This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This is all my own opinion. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. Please take this information and do your own research. bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, altcoin, altcoin daily, blockchain, decentralized, news, best investment, top altcoins, ethereum, tron, stellar, binance, cardano, litecoin, 2019, 2020, crash, bull run, bottom, crash, tether, bitfinex, rally, tone vays, ivan on tech, chico, video, youtube, macro, price, prediction, podcast, interview, trump, finance, stock, investment, halving, halvening, too late, when, fed, federal reserve, interest rates, rates, cut, economy, stock market, Good Morning Crypto Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist
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