Building an RTX 3060 Ravencoin Mining Rig

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In this video I show you how to build an RTX 3060 Ravencoin mining rig. I my previous video on what the best budget GPU for mining Ravencoin is, we found that the Nvidia RTX 3060 was a really good graphics card for mining Ravencoin. So after that finding, I decided to "put my money where my mouth was" so to speak and build an RTX 3060 mining rig for mining Ravencoin. In the video I start by going through the parts needed as well as show you how I built the mining frame. After that I show you the whole process of building the RTX 3060 Ravencoin mining rig. After it's been built we test out the Ravencoin hashrate for these RTX 3060s as well as look up the power consumption of the whole mining rig. Please check out Tekshinji's channel: You can order his cool new stickers here: Please like the video if you liked it and subscribe to the channel for more crypto mining videos! πŸ“¦ π€πŒπ€π™πŽπ π‹πˆππŠπ’ Nvidia GPUs: AMD GPUs: My favourite risers: Motherboard I use: Different motherboard I like: CPUs: RAM: 850W power supply: 1200W power supply: My favourite GPUs (1660 Super): GPUs I want (3070): GPUs I REALLY want (3080): Plug 4 risers into one PCIe slot with this: Mini touchscreen: Camera I use: Camera I want: Camera I really want: Vlogging lens I use: Vlogging lens I want: Photo lens I use: Zoom lens I want: (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) ⛏️ Wanna build a mining rig frame? I made this awesome pdf guide! 🎧 Listen to my music on Spotify: πŸ’¬ Need mining help? Join the Misfit Mining Discord: #ravencoin #rvn #rtx3060 #ravencoinmining #gpumining #bitcoinmining #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #cryptomining #cryptominingrig #rvnmining #GPUMiningRigs #Hashrate #CryptocurrencyMiningFarm #nvidia πŸ“Ό π•πˆπƒπ„πŽ π‚πŽππ“π„ππ“ 00:00 Why I'm building a RTX 3060 mining rig for Ravencoin 00:31 The frame for my Ravencoin mining rig 01:08 3060 Ravencoin mining rig frame build & Tekshinji stickers! 02:31 Components for building the RTX 3060 Ravencoin mining rig 04:01 Scavenging remaining components from an old computer 04:28 Assembling the core components of the Ravencoin mining rig 07:10 First boot of the mining rig for Ravencoin 08:01 Booting with SSD & installing Windows on the RVN mining rig 09:35 Assembling the Ravencoin mining rig in the mining frame 10:20 Adding four RTX 3060s to the Ravencoin mining rig 12:13 First boot of the Ravencoin mining rig with 4x RTX 3060s 12:58 Ravencoin mining hashrate on 4x 3060 mining rig 13:13 Power consumption of the 4x 3060 Ravencoin mining rig 13:34 Future plans for the 4x 3060 mining rig for Ravencoin mining πŸ“Ί π‚π‘π˜ππ“πŽ πŒπˆππˆππ† π˜πŽπ”π“π”ππ„π‘π’ Altered Component: Bits Be Trippin': brandon coin: ChumpChangeXD: GuntisVitolins: HashRaptor: Mining Chamber: Red Fox Crypto: Red Panda Mining: SavageMine: SerpentXSF: Son of a Tech: TekShinji: The Hobbyist Miner: The Life of a Miner: VoskCoin: (They're in alphabetical order.) None of the content in my videos or elsewhere is direct advice, financial or otherwise. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes. You do things at your own risk. You are responsible for your own actions. Do your own research.
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