Buy Bitcoin When The Market Crashes | Harry Dent Jr., Best-Selling Financial Author

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Harry Dent Jr. is considered one of the greatest financial commentators of our time. It is his belief that a major financial reset is right around the corner, largely due to the FED’s carefree and haphazard monetary policy. When this crash happens, on the top of Harry’s purchase list is our favorite asset, cryptocurrencies. Harry has written numerous bestsellers, runs his own firm, and has been right numerous times in the past. Listen to this episode and decide for yourself if you think the markets are setting up for an epic crash. Harry Dent: -- Sorare: Where fantasy meets reality. Collect, trade and earn weekly prizes on #OwnYourGame Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:59 The FED is printing a trillion-dollar coin 05:58 Is inflation the problem? 09:00 When is the crash coming? 13:18 Is a buying opportunity coming? 21:10 Sorare Ad 21:44 Investing long term 24:07 Is hyperinflation coming? 29:08 What should happen with the market? 31:14 Will technology take our jobs? 34:09 The digitization of all finance 36:17 Faith in human nature? --- If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe. This podcast is presented by Blockworks. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: ーーー Join the Wolf Den newsletter: ►►
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