Cardano Defi Explained (VY Finance Mini Series Episode 1)

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

Check out my latest defi mini series! In this mini series we will cover all aspect of DEFI. Why VYFI crypto is one of my favorite Cardano defi projects, How does defi work, how much money can you make in one year using defi. How to decentralized exchange work. And much more. This is a Interview with special guest Steven Ward the Founder and CEO of VY Finance. What i think will become one of the Leading DEFI Exchanges on Cardano. If I am right we will see VY Finance be on of the biggest players in the Cardano DEX Ecosystem! #vyfi #defi #cardano -TIMESTAMP- 0:00​​​ What is the Best Cardano Dex 0:15 Intro to Cardano Defi with Steven Ward 4:00 How to get started Using defi 4:47 What is VY Finance 5:15 What are Blockchain Layers and Protocols 6:53 Blockchain Layers Explained 8:23 What does Proof Of Work Mean? 10:13 Staking Pools Explained 11:50 Why is POS better than POW? 13:35 Could China Take Over Bitcoins Hash Power? 14:32 VYFI Crypto Explained 16:25 How are Dapps Built on a Blockchain 16:48 Smart Contracts Explained 18:19 Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Explained 18:44 Flash Loans Explained 22:01 Dapps Explained 24:18 What is a Dex? 24:51 What does a Crypto Wallet Do? 26:26 What is Impermanent loss 29:15 Intro to a Auto Harvester 32:00 How to get Liquidated in defi. 36:00 Liquidity Pool Mining Explained 38:25 Liquidity Pool Payouts 42:40 How do decentralized Exchange Make Money? 45:07 How Much Money Can You make in defi? 48:01 Risk Management Liquidity Pool Mining 53:15 VY Finance CEO Steven Ward 54:01 Cardano vs Ethereum Smart Contract Language 55:20 Cardano Decentralized Exchanges 2022 59:01 How do Cryptocurrency Audits Work Join this channel to get access to my Crypto Coaching Classes: BYBIT FREE $15 SIGN UP BONUS & UP TO $1,000 BONUS FOR LARGER DEPOSITS BYBIT BEGINNERS PLAYLIST: DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE HERE WATCH THE CARDANO $20k to $1,000,000 GAME PLANE HERE - HOW TO USE THE SPREAD SHEET - After you sign up. Make sure you go into the MEMBERS ONLY COMMUNITY and join the MEMBERS ONLY TELEGRAM. THE CRYPTO BREAKDOWN - DISCORD D$M SQUAD TELEGRAM: ALL OF MY AFFILATE LINKS *Nothing I state or express should be considered professional advice. This channel is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. All content contained within is all just my own opinion and experience. I do not advise that you buy sell trade or hodl any cryptocurrency. You should always consult with your own finical advisor before making any investment decisions*
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