Cathie Wood: Deflation WARNING! Latest Interview on Deflation, Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Cathie Wood: Deflation WARNING! Latest Interview on Deflation, Bitcoin and Ethereum Everyone is extremely worried about Inflation. Just yesterday we covered renowned investor Chamath Palihapitiya who had this to say on the topic. Chamath is not alone. Investing Titans such as Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Michael Burry have all voiced their concerns about medium term inflation. 🔥 Earn up to $250 in crypto when you signup and start earning passive income with BlockFi! 🔐 What I use to keep my crypto secure! It makes sense. Never before in history have we had such high levels of money printing and monetary stimulus. The obvious conclusion is unprecedented inflation as a result. Yet one investor stands alone. Contrarian Investor Cathie Wood is standing by her Deflation thesis and in this video we will go in depth on why Cathie Wood thinks Everyone is wrong. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where we will go over why Cathie thinks Bitcoin and Crypto is a great hedge no matter where you fall on the Inflation / Deflation debate and we will also cover some of the most recent on-chain Bitcoin data. Now another asset class Cathie has been extremely outspoken on is Cryptocurrency. Cathie Wood is also betting heavily on Bitcoin & Ethereum as it has a unique feature that sets it apart from every other asset class - it acts as a hedge in both an Inflationary and deflationary environments. Heres what Cathie had to say on her outlook for Bitcoin & crypto. About Cathie Wood: Catherine Duddy Wood or better known as Cathie Wood is the founder, CEO, and chief investment officer of Ark Invest. Also named as the best stock picker of 2020 by Bloomberg News, Cathie Wood manages the world's largest actively traded ETF that focuses on disruptive technologies. Cathie Wood has made her fortunes from being right when others are wrong. Tesla, Amazon, Square to name a few. So what is going on here? How can Cathie Wood be so Bullish on Bitcoin yet be convinced that we are going to see a deflationary crash as opposed to inflation. In this video, we will go over how Cathie Wood things everyone is wrong, why she thinks Deflation is coming and HOW she can remain so Bullish on Bitcoin with a 500K price prediction, if she doesn’t expect inflation. Credits: To watch the full briefing with Cathie Wood, check it out here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIALS Twitter: My Instagram: Email: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 "Deflation WARNING..." Cathie Wood 1:59 Cathie Wood - Everyone has this WRONG... 3:15 Response to Inflation Metrics... (Rent / Wages / Innovation) 5:12 FEAR will switch from INFLATION to DEFLATION when THIS happens. 6:32 Cathie Updated Bitcoin & Ethereum Outlook 8:02 Governments Starting to MINE Bitcoin 9:35 Bitcoin hedges against Inflation & Deflation (Counterparty Risk) 10:17 On-chain Bitcoin Data (BULLISH for OCTOBER) ⬇ Other Cryptocurrency & Finance Videos For You⬇ ► I interview Michael Saylor - Latest Interview on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper Inflation & UFO’s (2021) ► Michael Saylor: My WARNING about Ethereum | Michael Saylor on ETH 2.0 & Ethereum Price Prediction ► Ethereum Supercycle! $20,000 Price Target - Should you buy Ethereum? ETH Price Prediction (MAY 2021) ► Realistic Ethereum Price Prediction (2021) - ARK invest Quant Analyst REVEALS why ETH can hit $40000 #Deflation #Bitcoin #Investing
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