China Just Crashed Bitcoin and Ethereum! This is Bad News for Cryptocurrencies! Crypto News

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

This week we witnessed the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dropping. With that said, should investors be worried? Why is this happening? What does the forecast look like for Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies? Welcome to Crypto Revolution! In today’s video we tackle one of China’s largest developers Evergrande’s massive debt that is causing cryptocurrencies to plunge this week. Yes, cryptocurrency prices plunged on Monday morning during a widespread market sell- off triggered by a catastrophic debt default in China. If Evergrande ultimately fails to pay its debts, this could represent the first wave of bankruptcies. If this happens, it would indicate the makings of a financial crisis and could possibly cause wider instability and turmoil economically speaking internationally. Is #crypto in trouble? Watch till the end of the video to know what financial experts Mark Yusko and Ray Dalio have to say about China's current situation crashing #cryptocurrencies! ******************************************************************************************** Disclaimer: We post these informative clips for education in the financial world - especially so you can make the right decisions in joining the #CryptoRevolution! We share what experts say in the financial world, news on Crypto, and everything #Bitcoin. We put many hours in researching and finding insightful clips with you and editing these videos to share with you. We have a dedicated team searching the internet daily and contacting the creators of the clips as much as possible (WE DO NOT OWN OR CREATE ALL OF THESE CLIPS) but the real work is from content creators and we thank then and truly appreciate there work, we try to get permission as much as possible, but for any one we missed please contact us for removal on ******************************************************************************************** Fore more videos on Bitcoin, watch these: Bitcoin Will Crash 85% Just Like Always Says Richard Heart! Cryptocurrency News! Raoul Pal Breaking News, This Will Shock You All! - Ethereum & Bitcoin! Selling This Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin Sure to Flip Gold Says Max Keiser!!! Crypto/Cryptocurrency News! Willy Woo Says Buy Bitcoin Now Before They 100x The Market Cap of Cryptocurrency! Crypto News For other crypto news: Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, Bitcoin &Cardano will take over the world! Here’s Why Crypto is The Future! Raoul Pal Breaking News, This Will Shock You All! - Ethereum & Bitcoin! Selling This Cryptocurrency?
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