Crypto Saves Finance: Starring BTC ETH DeFi $SQ $COIN Bitcoin ETF and even GOLD

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Square $TSLA #BankoftheFuture #Coinbase #BitcoinETFApproval IA Referral Links: Tradingview referral link $30 off: Celsius referral code get $50 with $400 deposit: 1315105ca2 FTX: Save on trades FTX referral link: Voyager Deposit $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin. Use code CB91C1 or this link to claim your BTC: 0:00 Disclaimer - this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice - The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry. 00:20 50/50 Day 01:00 And now for some good news 02:00 Bitcoin 03:00 Theoretical Bitcoin Price if 80% of US Retirement Accounts Allocate 5% to Bitcoin 04:00 Bitcoin $60,000 Resistance 05:00 Quasi Bitcoin ETF Approved 06:00 Bitcoin Soaring on ETF Rumors? 07:00 Bitcoin Is The New Gold 08:00 Bitcoin Is The New Gold! Confirmed by Saylor 09:00 Mike Novogratz: Cryptocurrencies have gone over the tipping point 10:00 We Are Still Early - India Ahead 11:00 Ethereum Resistance $3625 - Then Boom! 12:00 Ethereum Ready to Run to $10,700 13:00 Square, Cash App, AfterPay & Twitter Underpinned by Bitcoin! 14:00 Bank of the Future 15:00 Fintech Coming for your Wallets 16:00 Speaking of Fintech Stocks - Coinbase 17:00 Reducing Reliance on US Dollar 18:00 Tesla FSD 10.2 19:00 And now for some good news 20:00 Biggest Stock Market Risks Right Now 21:00 Stablecoins - Which Will Survive? 22:00 Tether and China 23:00 Tether Market Share Falling Fast
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