Crypto World Interview @ BBT Hangout

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

BBT coming at you poolside with the creator of the new brick and mortar crypto store, Crypto World! Located in St. Charles, MO and features everything from miners and NFT's, to bitcoin and altcoin merch and 3D printing. Had the creator of the business and Tone Vays over for some summer grilling and interviews about what the store brings to the area and the future! (Please ignore the cicadas in the background) Visit Crypto World @ Want to Bitcoin Mine without Hassle? Compass Mining - Hook yourself up while hooking us up! Links directly to products may contain Sponsorship. Not all products are sponsored products as BBT purchases most all the hardware you see. 📚 Did this information help you? Donations welcome, used to help build more content with greater access to industry. → Bitcoin: bc1q692kasuc8q3yzaln6gnjm6hj3py0ddumg8d67h → Ethereum: 0x3F4Be5Ef872Bc114af758D9C5F230527683a466C → Litecoin: LMtLWqDoJtHAvQ1a3EywMehi3intQp4Wby → Ravencoin: RLvm3hrxBCERHuvcEwcdJpNj64Qp6cbARr → Doge: DCCCpZfPqY9VPYmorYkUnqCYqu8PRyNdaf 📝 Gear used in this video: Ryzen 5 - 5600x -​​ MSI MPG x570 Edge Wifi Motherboard -​​ 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX -​​ 2x Samsung 980 PRO 500GB NVME Gen4 -​​ NZXT i710 -​​​​ Wraith Cooler -​​​​ Seasonic TX-850 Titanium PSU -​​ EVGA RTX 2080 Super -​​ 🎼 Background Audio → No Music 💬 Join the Discord server → 👕 Check out the BitsBeTrippin merch, refresh in 2021 → Coming Soon 🌎 Follow BitsBeTrippin everywhere → Twitch - → Twitter - #cryptoworld #stcharlesmo #bitcoin
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