DIAMOND HANDS - Bitcoin Ring by Roman Burch (UNBOXING)

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

DIAMOND HANDS RING In Bitcoin We Trust (IBWT) is a limited edition dynamically priced token, redeemable for a physical diamond ring. Each token sold increases the price of the next one, creating a dynamic price curve for the IBWT token. The "Limited edition" inscription underlines the exclusivity of jewelry. You will enter a private club. This is a really limited edition: only 100 rings will be handmade. All are 750th gold purity, inlaid with diamonds 3.6 carats and emeralds 1.5 carats. The ring holds many secret messages, and its underside is no exception. There is a binary code inside showing that all the information in the world can be transmitted as zeros and ones. It's a universal cipher, and there's a secret message behind our set of numbers, too. Below — hidden from prying eyes, but well known in the crypto world, principles that will support your solution all the time: HODL and DIAMOND HANDS. Mention DavinciJ15 and receive a 5% cash back on the purchase! ___________________________________________________________ Social Media ___________________________________________________________ DJ15 Token Info Telegram group TiKToK Instagram account 🐦Twitter 🙌🏼For any requests Please follow me on Lbry.TV: BitChute Join us live on Twitch every day at 8 am EST. ✅Keep your altcoins and Bitcoin in your hands, not on exchanges. Use Pandora´s Wallet; YOUR KEYS YOUR CRYPTO Thank you for your support👏🏼 ___________________________________________________________ NOTE: Understand your risks.
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