DOGE Surges 12% in Tesla News & BLOCK Building Open BTC Mining [ Crypto Espresso 01.14.22 ]

cryptocurrency 1 week ago

For more information about crypto and today's stories, just Ask Alex: 🔵 CoinMarketCap Daily: • DOGE Surges 12% as Tesla Accepts Memecoin for Merch In an SEC filing that emerged in late October 2021, Tesla said it may restart accepting cryptocurrencies for its products in the future. • Jack Dorsey's Block Building 'Open BTC Mining System' "Mining isn’t accessible to everyone. Bitcoin mining should be as easy as plugging a rig into a power source," Dorsey said back in October. • 'Alien Crackhead': Vitalik Pokes Fun at Himself Completely out of the blue on Twitter, the Ethereum co-founder asked for examples of "the craziest and most unhinged criticisms" that his followers had seen. • Second Life Founder Returns and Slams 'Big Tech' Philip Rosedale has announced that he is returning to the virtual world platform as an advisor — and clearly isn't a fan of Facebook's plans. • Gap Turns Hoodies into NFTs with Help of Frank Ape The troubled fashion brand's non-fungible tokens will range in price from $8.30 to $415, and some of them will be accompanied by a physical sweatshirt too. 🔔 From crypto news, to market moves, and to educational how to videos. If you want something more than just hype and to actually learn about crypto, make sure to hit the subscribe button right now and turn on notifications to not miss out on new videos! 🔵 Coin Market Cap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto accessible all around the world through data and content. 📲 Download our app! IOS : Android : 🤝 Join CoinMarketCap! Follow CoinMarketCap on social! 📩 Subscribe to our Newsletter!
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