Ethereum: Timing the Long-Term Momentum Shifts (Update From 2019)

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

In 2019 we put out a video on timing the long-term momentum shifts of the ETH/BTC valuation. More than 2 years later, we can see that that prediction held up relatively well. With that said, where is Ethereum today with regards to its Bitcoin valuation? In this video we provide an outlook on ETH/BTC for the duration of the market cycle. Where do you think ETH/BTC is headed? Let me know in the comments! The next set of Into The Cryptoverse #NFTs is here! This is the Winning! Collection. Three similar videos with slightly different endings (Each with different music). Times are better for our astronaut navigating the cryptoverse. Artwork by Luke Dillon. Scheduling My Interview ( - 1,000 copies (894 LEFT) Getting Out Of Bed ( - 100 copies (51 LEFT) To The Moon ( - 10 copies (SOLD OUT) Premium List : LIFETIME OPTION: Alternative Option: Merch: Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice. Telegram: Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: Discord: Facebook: Reddit: Website:
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