Evergrande? Financial Contagion? What it means for Crypto and Equity/Bond Markets

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

#Evergrande #ChinaCrisis #Bitcoin #USDT #TetherUSDT IA Referral Links: Tradingview referral link $30 off: Celsius referral code get $50 with $400 deposit: 1315105ca2 FTX: Save on trades FTX referral link: Voyager Deposit $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin. Use code CB91C1 or this link to claim your BTC: 0:00 Disclaimer - this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice 00:30 Evergrande Rattles the Crypto Market 01:30 Why Care about Evergrande? 03:20 Evergrande 90% loss for 70,000 Investors 04:40 Why Care About the Chinese Economy? 05:00 Evergrande Debt 05:40 Evergrande Crash 07:10 Want Bonds? 07:20 Financial Contagion? 07:40 This is what Financial Contagion Looks Like 07:50 What is with September? 08:00 Are we staring down the Barrel of a Lehman 2.0 08:20 Evergrande - and Crypto aka USDT Tether 08:40 USDT Tether Claim No Exposure 09:20 USDT Tether still Claim No Exposure 09:40 USDT Tether Claim No Exposure 10:00 Who’s Holding the Evergrande Bag? 10:40 Will More Money Printing Follow? 11:20 Within seconds of crafting the previous slide 11:40 Evergrande & Global Debt 12:20 Evergrande & Global Debt - from Willem Middelkoop (@wmiddelkoop) · Twitter 12:53 Evergrande and Evergreen? 13:15 China End Game? Admiral Bill Owens - The Endgame 14:04 USDT & Evergrande - All Roads lead to Bitcoin 15:00 Of course Michael Saylor has Schadenfreude 15:30 All Roads Lead To... 17:00 Q&A
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