How Bitcoin hits $12M w Robert Breedlove: Bitcoin, Cash, CBDC's, Gold, Threats, Cycles + Society

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#Bitcoin #HowBitcoinHits$12m #CBDCs #Threats #Gold #Cycles #Philanthropy #BitcoinRisks ROBERT BREEDLOVE's CHANNELS The "What is Money?" Show Youtube - The "What is Money?" Show podcast - The Freedom Analects substack - Timestamps: 0:00 Not financial advice 0:10 Introductions - the battle between Math and Macro and Gravity 1:30 Quick intro - how you fell into the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole 4:06 Ethereum got me into it - Nick Szabo and Smart Contracts and Austrian Economics 6:50 What were you thinking in March April 2020 when the money printing began? 10:00 The Perfect Storm 11:00 How would u explain BTC to a 10-year-old or Charlie Munger in 160 characters or less? 14:14 Immutable Money - Trustless form of Money 15:50 Why are nonbelievers still nonbelievers? Is it a personality flaw?  20:10 With regards to your philosophy and macro how do you view what central banks are doing to push CBDC adoption and how you think they will seek to slow Bitcoin’s decentralized massive adoption rate? 22:00 Tax rate at 100% means you are a slave. 0% means self-sovereign Citizen. CBDC dystopian. 24:28 Does Bitcoin have any Rival? 28:17 I've seen you on the Kitco Gold Channel - Your thoughts are around BTC vs gold's rally during the 1970s (analysis provided by Fidelity) whether Bitcoin will, like Oil and Gold did during the 70s stagflationary period, massively outshine bonds and equities. 33:40 Bitcoin will outperform every asset class. 34:48 Speaking of Gold, and market manipulation, do you think Whale Manipulation will ever end or will it move to the JP Morgan's of the world? 38:00 Bitcoin unifies trade and settlement 38:50 12.5M price target by 2031 - CAGR is reasonable. What will happen to Alt Coin world if Bitcoin shoots to 12.5M? 40:00 True decentralization 42:30 Pace of change of development for Alts. Question - the 250 Trillion market with nothing left to solve. 45:30 What is the biggest RISK in BTC's ascendancy to $12M+ over the next decade? 47:58 We need to question everything from first principles. This is a total transformation - Agricultural Age to Industrial Age to Digital Age... 50:00 As a matter of context, how much do you reckon a loaf of bread or an ounce of gold will be valued at during the time frame of a 12.5 M Bitcoin valuation in US$? 51:00 French History of The "livre tournois" was the basic unit of currency in France. QE in France let to Excessive Spending 54:40 Model Time - how I model future Bitcoin prices and how we could theoretically get to $12M per bitcoin based on quantitative easing, acceleration, inflation and more. 56:00 Model #1 $1.1M Bitcoin in 2031 - CAGR 33% 59:10 Model #2 $1.1M Bitcoin in 2031 - IA expected case - $1.4M Bitcoin in 2031 1:00:10 Model #3 $1.1M Bitcoin in 2031 - 35% monetary expansion, 69% CAGR for Bitcoin = $12.35M (1.169M in real purchasing power terms in 2031) 1:06:00 Plan B Stock to Flow Model 1:07:00 Is there a danger that Bitcoin could destabilize society ie the new haves vs have nots. Not all Whales like Saylor have the good of society in their hearts. 1:10:00 Is Bitcoin an IQ test? Do you believe it is Darwinian? 1:11:00 Will Bitcoin create a better world? 1:12:30 Deep into game theory thinking 3-6 years ahead chess moves to come. PetroBitcoin, Major sovereigns, CBDC wars? 1:14:00 Nash equilibrium of FIAT currency 1:15:20 China buying up ports and infrastructure - how does that play in? 1:16:20 Your thoughts on Bitcoin Maximalism??? 1:18:40 What other than Bitcoin and Real Estate, what other assets do you invest to protect yourself from further fiat debasement? 1:21:10 Hypothetically, what would happen to Bitcoin value IF USD was backed by gold again? And Would there be as much dependence on BTC as a store of value? 1:22:20 FUN Q - is it true you have a Bitcoin tattoo under your bicep 💪🏻 ???
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