How He Predicted Bitcoin's Bull Market PERFECTLY & What Likely Happens Next...

cryptocurrency 5 months ago

Bobby Lee explains how he made the most accurate Bitcoin prediction in 2021. We discuss using previous market cycles to help you navigate the current bull market, China FUD causing a selloff, and how you can win a Tesla CyberTruck. ►Claim your $200-$1000 deposit bonus on Bybit: ►Profit Maximalist is the daily show for crypto traders & Bitcoin investors. Hear from the largest funds, top traders, best analysts, and key players in the crypto market. Drop a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the show! ►Follow Bobby Lee: ►Get Bobby's book here: ►Get a Ballet Crypto wallet here: ►Listen on iTunes: ►Listen on Spotify:,%2C%20poker%20players%2C%20and%20entrepreneurs ►Follow me on Twitter: ​ _______________________________________________________________ #Crypto​ #Bitcoin​ #Investing
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