How to Get out of Debt Fast + Earn Passive Income w Celsius' Alex Mashinsky + special saving hacks

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#HowToGetDebtFree #Celsius #PassiveIncome #EarnBitcoin #BorrowAgainstCrypto #SaveinCrypto #StudentLoans 💰Celsius IA PROMO Code get $60 in Bitcoin with $400 deposit: IA60 (new customers only) or 💰Celsius IA Referral Code get $50 with $400 deposit: 1315105ca2 (new customers only) This video explores all the ways to catch up on the latest from the Robinhood of Earth Alex Mashinsky, his company, latest funding, reg update, a how-to guide on becoming Debt-Free, some cool use cases with Celsius, and a quickfire round covering all your top questions. Remember: “A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.” – Robert Frost 0:00 Introduction to why this video is important to anyone with a Debt Burden 0:30 Intro to Alex Mashinsky - CEO of Celsius Network 2:00 Tips to get Debt-Free 2:31 Agenda with Alex 2:50 Celsius $400M Fund Raise and what it means for Celsius, for customers, and the future of Celsius. 5:55 Regulatory update from Celsius - how Celsius is already one of the world's largest banks with 25BN in assets. 8:18 Real-Life Case Studies - what advice do you have for these cases where people are struggling in finding a path to financial freedom. 11:50 3 Prong Approach to Slashing Debt - Get Organized - Get Saving - and Cut the Luxuries 14:52 Real Debt Case - Person with $120K salary and zero ability to save - what can we fix? 19:45 How I went to Celsius and borrowed against my Crypto - how Celsius Borrowing Rates compare to Credit Card Borrowing Rates over a 3 year period - CELSIUS $592 for 3 years vs Credit Card Company $13,628. 23:08 Role-Playing - pretend you are the CEO of a top 5 BANK 23:31 Albert Einstein once described compound interest as the “eighth wonder of the world,” saying, “he who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays for it.” Compound interest is when the interest one earns on a principal balance is reinvested and generates additional interest. 27:00 1 year return on Bitcoin 6x in a year and Ethereum 10x in 12 months. DCA is key. 27:12 Celsius beat index by 6% with no risk - best key secret of Wall St - applied it to an asset class and gave it back to the community. 28:44 CASE #1 Cool Tricks with Celsius - making Kids Bitcoin Wholecoiners by borrowing from Celsius 31:20 CASE #2 From savings rotting in a bank account to generating more than $400 per month. 33:00 CASE #3 Property development funded by Celsius 34:50 ASK ALEX Quick Fire Round 35:00 When Celsius Opening in global jurisdictions - how to open an account in different jurisdictions. 36:30 Tax info 37:40 Beneficiary Designations - Plans to add Beneficiary designation for Celsius accounts? 39:10 I love my Celsius earnings but tax in CA is rough ~50%. Any thoughts on workarounds? Borrow and buy BTC instead? Use Real Estate depreciation to offset? 40:15 Plans to add YubiKey authentication support? 40:50 Celsius Visa Credit Card Updates? SWAPS no in CA and CC.... EOY 41:30 Any plans for self-directed IRA integration with Celsius? 42:00 Can we borrow and reinvest borrowed money on your platform without leaving the platform? Join the Beta in California 43:04 CEL insurance feature update? The special Celsius Reserve. 44:15 HOW TO WORK AT CELSIUS - I want to work with Celsius / Alex after being introduced by James— best way to apply? Will Cel always honor remote work? Make the case and email it to the CEO of Celsius. 48:00 IA 💰Celsius IA Promo Code get $60 in Bitcoin with $400 deposit: IA60 (new customers only) or 💰Celsius IA Referral Code get $50 with $400 deposit: 1315105ca2 (new customers only) Thank you all
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