How to Make Money PLAYING Video GAMES?! - Top NFT Games in 2021

cryptocurrency 2 months ago

Today on CoinMarketCap, we are talking Play to Earn! Ever since the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), they have shown time and again that they have the potential of changing the gaming world. The emergence of NFTs promises a new and exciting order where players take up even more critical roles in the gaming economy and receive financial rewards in the process. This gaming paradigm has begun to take shape as game developers are increasingly adopting blockchain technology to give their games an even more immersive experience. In this guide, we will give you a rundown of some of the top NFT games available today. 🔵 CoinMarketCap Timestamps: 0:00 - What Are Play to Earn NFT Games? 2:05 - Top NFT Games of 2021 2:34 - Axie Infinity 3:43 - Gods Unchained 4:48 - Splinterlands 5:27 - The Sandbox 3D 6:17 - Alien Worlds 6:57 - Battle Racers 7:37 - Upcoming NFT Games 7:40 - Guild of Guardians 8:31 - Gold Fever 9:15 - Neon District 🔔 P.S. Subscribe to not miss Tomorrow's Video! 🔵 Coin Market Cap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto accessible all around the world through data and content. Founded by Brandon Chez in May 2013, CoinMarketCap has quickly grown to become the most trusted source by users, institutions, and media for comparing thousands of crypto assets and is commonly cited by CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news outlets. 📲 Download our app! IOS : Android : 🤝 Join CoinMarketCap! Follow CoinMarketCap on social! 📩 Subscribe to our Newsletter!
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