I Interviewed EVERY 100X Cardano Dex: Here's the Best

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

Top DEX on Cardano. This will be huge. 🔗Join the Patreon Before it Fills: 💵Get up to $250 in Bitcoin from Blockfi ✨ Kucoin exchange: 💻Free Discord Link: 📚 Learn how I earn $50,000+ per month on YouTube: 💵LIMITED: Get 2 FREE Stocks: 🚚My in-depth moving company course: 📷ALL of my camera and recording equipment: ✉️Join my newsletter: My Instagram: I’ve interviewed every top Dex on the Cardano ecosystem and asked them 4 important questions.. It’s my thesis that If we look at history one of these dexs could 100x in size to a multi-billion dollar market cap. How do decentralized exchanges become worth so much? Dexs all have their own token to facilitate trades, and when they’re on a large network they are facilitating A LOT of trades. But you don’t have to believe me, look at the numbers. Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange. It’s located on Ethereum. Uniswap’s market cap is nearly $15 billion dollars. It’s the 11th largest cryptocurrency. Uniswap’s market cap is about 4% of Ethereum’s Pancakeswap is the second-largest dex. It’s located on the Binance Smart Chain. Pancakeswap’s market cap is $4.6 billion dollars. It’s the 40th largest cryptocurrency Pancakeswap’s market cap is about 6% of the Binance token So we can infer whoever becomes the largest Dex on Cardano will have a market cap of roughly 4-6% that of Cardano which comes out to $3.8 to $5.7 billion dollars. Meaning it will be around the 30th largest cryptocurrency That’s not even the best part.. Most Cardano dex’s tokens haven’t even come out yet meaning you can still be along for the ride Sundaeswap Cardax Yayswap Maladex Minswap Polyswap Adax Ergodex 0:00 Intro 1:27 How do you stand apart from competitors? 6:58 Have you solved the concurrency issue? 11:31 When do you plan to go live? 16:30 How will you make your Dex more accessible? Schedule one-on-one business consulting with me here: *I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice*
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