IA Weekly Q&A - BTC ETH LINK HUT8 MSTR Future Price of BTC and more

cryptocurrency 11 months ago

#Q&A #SOL #Bitcoin #Chainlink #Ethereum #XRP #HUT8 IA Referral Links: Celsius referral code get $50 with $400 deposit: 1315105ca2 Tradingview referral link $30 off: https://www.tradingview.com/?offer_id=10&aff_id=27663 Voyager Deposit $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin. Use code CB91C1 or this link to claim your BTC: https://voyager.onelink.me/WNly/referral?af_sub5=CB91C1 FTX: Save on trades FTX referral link: ftx.us/#a=6600802 0:00 DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry. 0:20 What do you think about Grayscale GDLC fund? Vincent H 1:00 Do you have any idea why Graysale’s GDLC is down big today and yesterday when all other crypto equivalents are going up? Arclaser 2:39 Cathie Wood has been buying DKNG for months and you are also interested in it. After a pullback what do you think of Jan ‘23 deeeep in the money call at $45? Rich S 4:20 You talked about BTC/MSTR relationship: if BTC to $1m in 10 years, then MSTR to $14k. Why the 3-5 year hold time frame in the equities portfolio? Why would I not just HODL MSTR for 10 years? What’s the risk?" TylerDurden 6:00 Wondering if FLOW was put through your crypto compendium? Disco Roche 8:00 What is your exit price for HUT 8? It is at 10.60 now. How much higher do you think it will go? LOUD Librarian 8:20 Do you think it is good idea to cash out of HUT and move funds to MSTR? yogesh ramola 8:48 Should we be concerned about the SEC looking into uniswap? Jonathan Pinx & Tony Hodler 10:00 I’m on edge with some XRP that I can’t seem to offload. Any easy ways to sell or exchange XRP? SD 12:00 Shall I convert Dot to Link? I have a feeling Dot isn’t going anywhere. Walter K 12:55 How would you split $70k amongst BTC/ETH/Tesla? Robert A Zeichick 13:45 Thanks to you, I picked up a lot of SOL pre $30, but now my SOL bag overtook my BTC bag. What should I do? Arya Mansoory 15:00 I don't think you reviewed ERGO ever. What does it score in the Coinpendium matrix you built? Ergo scored well up until the inflation at 25% and low % circulation. It is a top 30 from 300 Mike 15:56 Can you share what you mean by LINK:ETH Ratio at 800 Day Low? Brian 17:31 Regarding the increase in BTC’s value to a Million dollars (in what ever time frame we use)... what would the realized value of the US dollar be to the holder? In other words, what will the increase wealth of the 1 BTC holder be in todays dollars? TommyV 20:20 Your Contributions, Our Donations Money from Youtube Superchats helped support: Gypsy - Asian Elephant Born in 1967 and rescued in 2007, Gypsy was a surrogate mother to Nicholas the elephant (our first adopted animal on the IA channel). Nicholas has since grown up and she’s taking a much deserved rest from her responsibilities as a stand-in mom!
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