Joan Arús - How DAO's are Changing The World | CryptoWeekly Podcast

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Joan Arús - COO @ Aragon Labs As COO and CFO of Vocdoni, Joan’s primary role has been securing the resources and leading strategic planning to promote the growth of the company from a concept into a fully scalable business. Joan believes in making truly sovereign and free societies a reality by using open source governance mechanisms. That is why Joan chose to integrate with Aragon, as he sees it as the best possible way of securing sovereign governance for billions of people within the next 10 years. Joan has a firm background in science and tech, with a wealth of experience in business management, analytics, operations & finance. Joan has co-founded several companies in the internet and food industries, namely Intercros Alimentación SL, a food producer & distributor with over €12million in revenue in 12 countries since 2014, and scaling to over 100 employees. Joan was also the CEO and Co-founder of Kippo, a consumer product startup. In total, Joan has accumulated a total of 7 years experience as a Chief Finance Officer, with more than 1.8M€ raised in seed & venture capital, and more than 4 years as acting Chief Executive Officer, with a strong analytic profile and a good knowledge in distributed technologies. In addition to this, Joan is also co-founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and advisory board member to the Centre Blockchain Catalunya. _____________________________________ 📰 Subscribe to our Newsletter: 🤑 Download our Outreach List: 🌐 Website: 💬 Telegram: @ Twitter: ☑️ Facebook:
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