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Welcome to Crypto Revolution! This channel aims to share information about your crypto options so you can invest smarter. In this video, we'll take a look at the latest updates for #Cardano. The Cardano platform could become the most valuable in the cyber world. Its virtual currency (ADA) even surpasses current market leaders such as Bitcoin and Ether after increasing its value by 1000% during 2021. The currency could rise even higher as a result of its "sustainable" properties. According to the platform's forum, the potential of Cardano could be compared in the future with companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Netflix: “Cardano aims to become a global financial computer. It is here for all the people who could use a decentralized currency to create decentralized services." It ranks on par with Baidu and already surpasses Dropbox, McAfee antivirus, Slack and LG Electronics and at the moment Cardano has reached a capitalization of more than $80 billion. Cardano really skyrocketed in a very short period of time. However, this poses a question, will Cardano ADA continue to rise, will it hold it’s current value, or will it plummet? Watch till the end of the video as we discuss the rise of Cardano ADA talk about the latest stuff concerning the #cryptocurrency. #crypto ******************************************************************************************** Disclaimer: We post these informative clips for education in the financial world - especially so you can make the right decisions in joining the #CryptoRevolution! We share what experts say in the financial world, news on Crypto, and everything #Bitcoin. We put many hours in researching and finding insightful clips with you and editing these videos to share with you. We have a dedicated team searching the internet daily and contacting the creators of the clips as much as possible (WE DO NOT OWN OR CREATE ALL OF THESE CLIPS) but the real work is from content creators and we thank then and truly appreciate there work, we try to get permission as much as possible, but for any one we missed please contact us for removal on ******************************************************************************************** If you want to watch more videos on Cardano, watch this: Cardano Holders Must Watch Before You Lose All Your Funds as ADA Scammers Target Victims!Crypto News For other crypto news: Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, Bitcoin &Cardano will take over the world! Here’s Why Crypto is The Future! Raoul Pal Breaking News, This Will Shock You All! - Ethereum & Bitcoin! Selling This Cryptocurrency?
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