Making Real Money On My GPUs with Salad (How To Setup with Tips & Tricks to Maximize Earnings)

cryptocurrency 4 weeks ago

In this video I walkthrough setting up Salad - an application that allows you to earn money with your GPUs. I show my profitability, how to install and setup, the required hardware, and some tips to maximize earnings. Video Links: ▶️ Join me on Salad and use code TNCYBZ for a 2x earning rate bonus! ▶️ ▶️ Links to support me: ▶️ Red Fox Crypto Discord: ▶️ NiceHash Referral Link: ▶️ Awesome Miner Referral Link: ▶️ Hive OS Referral Link: ▶️ Unmineable Referral Link: ▶️ CoinTracking Referral Link: ▶️ Parallel Miner Referral Link: Current Favorite GPUs: ▶️ RX 6600: ▶️ RX 6600 XT: ▶️ RTX 4090: Mining Rig Parts I Use: ▶️ 6-GPU Frame: ▶️ 8-GPU Frame: ▶️ 12-GPU Frame: ▶️ Risers: ▶️ Risers: ▶️ PCIe Splitters: ▶️ MOBO: ▶️ CPU: ▶️ PSU: ▶️ RAM: ▶️ HDD: ▶️ Test Bench: ▶️ PDU: Best Grow Tent Setup: ▶️ Tent: ▶️ Best Inline Fan: ▶️ Inline Fan: ▶️ Ducting: Garage Mining Setup: ▶️ Shutter Exhaust Fan: Power Meter: ▶️ DROC AC Power Meter: ▶️ DROC Power Meter Build: Video Chapters: 00:00 Earn Money on your PC using Salad 01:12 How Much Am I Earning? 02:54 What Is Salad? 04:29 What are the System Requirements? 07:56 Best NVIDIA Driver 08:15 How to Install Salad 09:53 Extra Settings to Maximize Earnings 11:05 Things to Check to Make Sure Salad is Running 13:55 Consistent Earnings with Container Workloads 15:06 How Do You Cash Out? 16:50 What's my Profit Over Eletricity? Crypto Miners: 📺 BitsBeTrippin: 📺 Voskcoin: 📺 Red Panda Mining: 📺 The Hobbyist Miner: 📺 Sebs Fintech Channel: 📺 ChumpChangeXD: 📺 Hash Raptor: 📺 SerpentXSF: 📺 SavageMine: 📺 Guntis Vitolins: 📺 The Life of a Miner: 📺 Altered Component: 📺 Mining Office: Follow me: ✅ Twitter: ✅ Instagram: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #cryptomining #bitcoin #salad
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