Making the Case for Bitcoin: You, your City, State or Country

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#BitcoinStandard #BitcoinAdoption #CaseforBitcoin #NationStateCaseforBitcoin This video is about how to make the case for Bitcoin, whether you are a sovereign individual, a town, a city, a state or a country. This will help you convince your loved ones or your leaders to think about embracing the bitcoin standard. 0:00 “How can I convince my City/State/Country to adopt a Bitcoin Standard? How can it benefit our local community and local economy?” 0:30 The Scenario is how can bitcoin benefit you or a local economy. 1:00 The 5 Steps to Take Educate on Bitcoin and its revolutionary technology Show Bitcoin’s trajectory Explain Bitcoin Mining Relationship between Bitcoin & Energy Benefits of Bitcoin - the potential of Blockchain’s ability to change governance 1:35 Bitcoin Technology 2:11 Bitcoin is a Revolutionary Technology Bitcoin is a technology that is revolutionizing the financial world Trustless transactions Tamper-proof system Cuts intermediaries such as middlemen like banks Peer-to-peer, operated and maintained exclusively by software Secured by the most powerful computer network in human history 3:00 Bitcoin Game Theory - Edward Snowden Pressure is on - Pawn to E4 - The King's Pawn Game is any chess opening starting with the move: 1. e4. It is the most popular opening move in chess, The fear of being left behind - "Beyond the headlines, there is now pressure on competing nations to acquire Bitcoin—even if only as a reserve asset—as its design massively incentivizes early adoption." 3:36 Countries Embracing Bitcoin El Salvador Uruguay Panama Ukraine Tanzania Malta Singapore Switzerland Gibraltar Argentina Paraguay Estonia Georgia are moving to the BTC standard or embracing it in their FS system. 4:37 The El Salvador Story in 2 lines 5:30 Why are 1.7bn Unbanked? 6:12 Benefits of Being First to Adopt Bitcoin Jobs Innovation Banking the Unbanked Capital appreciation GDP Growth Reimagined future 6:50 Bitcoin is a Revolutionary Technology 7:30 Bitcoin is Widespread 7:55 Bitcoin Trajectory So where is Bitcoin going to go? 8:55 Bitcoin’s Adoption Curve & Lindy Effect Bitcoin has quickly adopted the SOV narrative, beyond a mere techno-geek collectible. Ironically look at NFTs now. The next step is MOE Medium of Exchange - already happening in El Salvador. After that Full Global Money - Credit to Dan Held and Murad. 10:02 Bitcoin’s Price Trajectory 10:40 Bitcoin Mining 11:09 How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? 12:00 Bitcoin Mining Industry’s Changing Landscape 12:40 Bitcoin Mining Developments in Texas 13:40 Bitcoin Mining and the Environment 14:40 Bitcoin + Energy - PetroDollar to PetroBitcoin ???? 15:15 Iceland Case Study 15:40 Norway Case Study 16:20 El Salvador Case Study 17:00 Bitcoin Benefits 17:30 How Much Monetary Energy Can Be Unlocked? 18:50 Visualizing the Impact of Bitcoin Energy! Fully fund 2 public schools At ~$11,000 per student, with roughly 5K students, Avg cost = ~$55M Build a new hospital Avg cost = $112M Send 3,800 students to college. Avg cost = $30K per year. Feed 14,700 families A family of 4 spends roughly $7,800/yr on food 19:35 Bitcoin Brings Governance? 20:20 Bitcoin will be Basis for International Trade No FX exposure, no wait times, no bank fees - blockchain settlement, secure auditable immutable transactions. Even more importantly, from Leonard Reed, the more people that are involved in global trade the more peaceful the world becomes, there's a direct correlation between increase trade and decreased armed conflict 21:07 Bitcoin Flywheel Effect - energy unleashes monetary energy 21:35 To-Do List for State and Local Govts 22:15 Summary Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that is growing fast in terms of adoption and trajectory Bitcoin mining is an important part of Bitcoin as it secures the network. Also, provides an economic incentive to participate. Among the many benefits, Bitcoin mining can be used as a store of value of excess energy Bitcoin brings about a stronger monetary policy The future of governance is on the Blockchain Want more? (you know what to do!)
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