Max Thieriot Reveals Cara’s ‘Fire Country’ Death Causes ‘Big Ripple Effect’

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Fire Country star and creator Max Thieriot was “sad” to see Sabina Gadecki’s Cara written off the show, but her death will not be soon forgotten. Warning: Spoilers below for Fire Country season 2, episode 5. “Obviously, her death is going to play a really important role in the rest of the season and just sort of resonate with a lot of the characters,” Thieriot, who plays Bode on the CBS series, exclusively told Us Weekly at the 2024 CMT Awards on Sunday, April 7. During the Friday, April 5, episode of Fire Country, Cara (Gadecki) got into an ambulance accident alongside Bode during a catastrophic fire tornado. The crash resulted in a head injury that ultimately killed Cara before she could get to the hospital. “In this storytelling world, it’s all about finding things that are really going to resonate with the audience and they’re going to leave an impact,” Thieriot, 35, explained to Us, noting that while it was hard to let Cara die, it will push the story forward. He teased: “We knew ultimately that it would be a really impactful thing and would really have a major outward spiral for the rest of the characters and [a] big ripple effect.” Thieriot revealed that Cara’s passing will affect her daughter, Genevieve (Alix West Lefler), immensely, and Bode since he was told earlier this season he might be Genevieve’s father. Cara’s boyfriend, Jake (Jordan Calloway), will also face a massive change as he tries to live without her and remain a father figure for Gen. 'Fire Country' EP Answers Burning Questions After [Spoiler]'s Shocking Death For Bode, getting to know Gen is “what he’s been fighting for and pushing for to get out,” Thieriot told Us, noting that his longtime pal Jake is going to be left reeling. “Jake now obviously has basically his heart ripped out of his chest. So there’s a lot going on,” he added. Thieriot promised, “We got five episodes to go, and it’s certainly crazy. It’s a crazy, crazy finish.” Among those next few episodes will be the introduction of a new character, Sheriff Mickey, played by Morena Baccarin. “We get to see a little bit of a different part of Edgewater than we’ve seen,” Thieriot explained, noting that the sheriff gets introduced on the Friday, April 12, episode. “I can’t wait for everybody to see the rest of the season,” he gushed. “Where we end off — it’s crazy, mind-blowing, crazy, but I think it’ll be really fulfilling for people this year.” While Thieriot is “excited” for the future of Fire Country, he confessed saying goodbye to Gadecki …
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