Millionaire Memecoin Trader Reveals Secrets: How to Find Best Coins Early | Stacks Podcast

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Crash is one of most successful memecoin traders this cycle & has gained a loyal following of over 120k people who follow his analysis for new coins, trades, or themes to watch. We discuss how he finds big memecoin wins early, making his first million, the mental battle of trading, knowing when to sell vs hold, timing crypto cycles, launching a coin, Base chain vs Solana, take profit levels, favorite coins right now, his personal strategy, top picks, and more. SPONSORS: Visit the Mantle Rewards Station today to start earning airdrop rewards from top projects, INSTANTLY: Join the Polkadot community to learn more about Polkadot 2.0 here: FOLLOW THE STACKS PODCAST CLIPS CHANNEL: 📄TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 0:38 2024 crypto bull market 2:16 How trading strategy evolves 5:20 Starting from 0$ 7:00 Memecoin insiders 9:19 Making first million dollars 14:30 Mantle ad 15:15 Finding billion dollar coins early 18:09 Sharing trades publicly 20:00 Most important factors for new coin 21:50 Knowing when to sell or hold 23:50 Choosing exit strategy 26:35 Polkadot ad 27:35 Crypto twitter impact 30:45 Turning $15k into millions 32:40 Taking profits 34:15 Key lessons for improving 37:00 Timing crypto bull trends 45:30 Solana vs Base vs other chains 49:40 Predictions & top coins this cycle 🚨SUBSCRIBE: 🔥WATCH: The Most Accurate Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle Prediction: What Happens Next?: 👀 FOLLOW: Guest: Twitter: Spotify: iTunes: #bitcoin #altcoins #crypto
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