No One Realizes That Bitcoin Just Changed Business Forever | Michael Saylor

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Back in 2020, out of desperation to save his company, then CEO of Microstrategy Michael Saylor carefully looked at all of his investment options and saw Bitcoin as the logical place to invest the $500 million he had on his books. Fast forward to 2024, and is now worth 4.2 billion dollars, in the top 1000 wealthiest people on the planet according to Forbes, and Microstrategy has custody of over 35 billion worth of Bitcoin. In an interview with Digitracom, Saylor walked us through the stages of how Microstrategy went from acquiring bitcoin out of desperation to it becoming an opportunity, and now it’s their full-on strategy that differentiates them from the market. As Bitcoin trades in the $67,000 range and Microstrategy trades for about thirteen hundred dollars (a far cry from the $112 stock before Bitcoin), Saylor believes many companies will see the value in Bitcoin and try to emulate Microstrategy. But it won’t happen overnight. Saylor believes that we are still very early when it comes to adoption from public companies, sovereign funds and the-like. Saylor believes that his move with Bitcoin being the focal point of his balance sheet is a revolutionary move and the complete opposite of what is common knowledge in the business world. And because of his move AWAY from stability and embracing volatility, he has opened up the opportunity for many players in the market to invest and interact with Microstrategy. Saylor believes we are still early and it’s clear that Bitcoin is mainstream, adopted by the Wall Street crowd and is here to stay To watch the full interview: 🎥 We own commercial licenses for all the content used in this video except parts about the topic that have been used under fair use and it was fully edited by us. For any concerns, business inquiries, etc. please contact us via email in the “About” section of the channel.
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