'NOW Is The Time To Make A LOT OF MONEY' | Raoul Pal On Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Exponential Age

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'NOW Is The Time To Make A LOT OF MONEY' | Raoul Pal On Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Exponential Age Stumbling Supply Chains, Stirring Inflation, and a Stagnant Labor Market In this video, Real Vision CEO and co-founder Raoul Pal joins to unpack the latest in the supply chain deterioration saga amid a weak labor market. With Facebook's latest announcement to change the company’s name to Meta, Raoul discusses why the metaverse is an entirely new layer of GDP with endless possibilities for crypto, NFTs, and social tokens. 🔥 Earn up to $250 in crypto when you signup and start earning passive income with BlockFi! 🔐 What I use to keep my crypto secure! Raoul Pal is predicting that we will see not just 1, but 2 crashes in the Ethereum & Crypto Markets over the next 6 months. So ex-hedge fund manager Raoul Pal has been incredibly accurate with his predictions in the Crypto Market, and in his final interview before his break, he reveals exactly how he believes the Ethereum cycle will play out. For those that are not familiar with the concept, you will see Raoul believes that Ethereum and the Crypto market will behave according to the maximum pain theory. This is a financial theory relating to options trading that suggests most traders who deal in options contracts will lose money. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video, where I will cover some of the latest on-chain Ethereum data, to see if it backs up Raoul’s thesis. About Raoul Pal: Raoul Pal is a co-founder of Real Vision, a financial media company offering in-depth video interviews and research publications from the world's best investors. Prior to starting Real Vision, Raoul ran a successful global macro hedge fund. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIALS Twitter: My Instagram: Email: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⬇ Other Cryptocurrency & Finance Videos For You⬇ ► I interview Michael Saylor - Latest Interview on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper Inflation & UFO’s (2021) ► Michael Saylor: My WARNING about Ethereum | Michael Saylor on ETH 2.0 & Ethereum Price Prediction ► Ethereum Supercycle! $20,000 Price Target - Should you buy Ethereum? ETH Price Prediction (MAY 2021) ► Realistic Ethereum Price Prediction (2021) - ARK invest Quant Analyst REVEALS why ETH can hit $40000 #Ethereum #Bitcoin #Crypto
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