Optimization and organization running a bitcoin mining farm VLOG

cryptocurrency 5 months ago

Another day, another VLOG, normally posted every day on X. Be sure to follow/sub on X (formally known as Twitter) for daily content. In this video I quickly go over our operations related to monday.com and optimizing mining rigs for best efficiency. In this update we use awesomeminer firmware 1.2.1 RC3 and set the unit to the 1850w for 77th mode. This allows us to tune the device to a useable 80t/h for roughly 2,000w once completed. πŸ‘• Check out the BitsBeTrippin merch, refreshed in 2023 β†’ Now available on our website store! @ https://www.bitsbetrippin.io * NOTE: Some Links maybe affiliate when discussing products. BBT buys ALL products we test! If we are provided products it will be listed as such. 🌎 Follow BitsBeTrippin everywhere β†’ Twitch - twitch.tv/bitsbetrippin β†’ Twitter - twitter.com/bitsbetrippin #bitcoin #vlog #mining
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