Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction 2022 || Is it Too Late To Buy Polygon Crypto Now?

cryptocurrency 4 days ago

In this video, we are taking a look at Polygon matic price prediction for 2022 and go over if its too late to buy now? We will also be taking a look at Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market! Enjoy! ⚠️GET FREE CRYPTO AND STOCKS 👇 💰 WeBull - Get 4 Free Stocks: 💰 Robinhood -Get 3 Free Stocks: 🚀 BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER👇 ⮕ ⚠️GET FREE CRYPTO:👇 💰 BlockFi (up to $250): ​ 💰 Coinbase ($10): Now, i feel very strongly about Polygon and for the new people entering the market, polygon is a layer 2 solutions for ethereum, meaning that as ethereums price continues to rise, as more projects continue to be built on ethereum, the biggest problem here is the gas fees are super expensive..and if you’ve tried to buy an NFT before on opensea on Ethereum network, then you have seen how absurd those gas fees can be.. and it makes people not want to use the network, but since ETheruem has the number layer 1 ecosystem and since it already has so many projects on it, a lot of developers just continue to built on it, and that's where polygon comes into place, Polygon is a layer 2 solution for ethereum…it helps with the scalability aspect of ethereum. But the 1 reason as to why Polygon still has plenty of Upside potential is because as we start to see EThereum market cap grow, we will also see Matic price grow..another thing is that gas fees have increased 200 percent from just 1 year ago, Second, You need to know that Polygon is not just going to stop at being the scaling solution for Etheurem, they actually have a lot more going on, They’ve currently also acquire major Zk startup protocols, which means that they can work across blockchains and have different solutions apart from just helping out Ethereum. Polygon was created with the Ethereum blockchain in mind, but it doesn't imply that it’s just for Ethereum. Its sidechains are compatible with all blockchain platforms. The Polygon Network, out of all the solutions designed to scale the Ethereum ecosystem, has gone the furthest, addressing not only the issue of low bandwidth and expensive gas prices, but also the issue of fragmentation of blockchains and protocols that do not communicate effectively with one another. While ETH 2.0 will address many of the network's current issues, the Polygon team has some great partnerships in place, including working with the Eth development team, and there will always be room for players to build upon the network that offer cheaper transactions, interoperability, and a great developer experience. This is why I believe Polygon will remain a significant participant in the space industry. This project, which began in 2017 with a group of Indian developers, intended to provide two primary answers to Ethereum's scalability problem. The coin was issued via IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on the Binance Exchange in April 2019, raising approximately $5.5 million, and the project is expected to launch in mid-2020. Despite its youth, the protocol began to draw a large number of developers, investors, and users as the transaction cost on the Ethereum Blockchain continued to rise. And besides polygon, we will also be going over the crypto market and a few bitcoin charts that I need to go over with you guys! Don't forget to subscribe! DISCLAIMER: You should not take any of this information as guidance for buying or selling any type of investment or security. I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based on personal experience. It is important to keep in mind that there are risks associated with investing in the stock market and that one can lose all of their investment. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I only recommend products and services I truly believe in and use myself. Some of the links on this webpage are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe
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