Raoul Pal Bitcoin WARNING! Do NOT Make THIS Crypto Mistake! (Beware)

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Raoul Pal Bitcoin WARNING! Do NOT Make THIS Crypto Mistake! (Beware) 🔥 Earn up to $250 in crypto when you signup and start earning passive income with BlockFi! 🔐 What I use to keep my crypto secure! One of the reasons we have seen a huge surge in Bitcoin, Ethereum and the wider crypto market are various sources reporting that a Bitcoin ETF is not facing any opposition from the SEC and investors should expect a launch at some point this week. This is an important milestone for Bitcoin as an asset class, and opens the doors to institutions and a wider array of investors to get Bitcoin exposure. To give you an idea of why investors were so excited about an approved ETF for Bitcoin, the market cap of Gold before it’s first ETF launched in 2004 was 1 Trillion, and following the years after the launch of an ETF, surged up to an $11 Trillion dollar market cap. With an 11x increase over 15 years, its easy to see why Bitcoin investors were excited about the ETF approval. And there are alot of Bitcoin ETF’s in the pipeline, out from Eric Balchunas, the senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, you can see the likely list of approval dates and odds of being approved first according to Bloomberg. One investor however, who was not as optimistic or excited about a Bitcoin ETF approval was macro investor Raoul Pal. The important distinction to make is that the first Bitcoin ETF to launch is going to be a Bitcoin futures ETF, meaning it won’t be made up of actual Bitcoin but of Bitcoin derivates such as futures contracts betting on the future price of BTC. In his latest interview Raoul gives a warning to investors to stay away from a futures ETF and why approval may not be as good as you first may think. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where we will go over the latest on-chain Bitcoin data to see where the price is likely to go in the short term. Credits: To watch the entire unedited livestream with Raoul Pal on Real Visions Channel, Check it out here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIALS Twitter: My Instagram: Email: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⬇ Other Cryptocurrency & Finance Videos For You⬇ ► I interview Michael Saylor - Latest Interview on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper Inflation & UFO’s (2021) ► Michael Saylor: My WARNING about Ethereum | Michael Saylor on ETH 2.0 & Ethereum Price Prediction ► Ethereum Supercycle! $20,000 Price Target - Should you buy Ethereum? ETH Price Prediction (MAY 2021) ► Realistic Ethereum Price Prediction (2021) - ARK invest Quant Analyst REVEALS why ETH can hit $40000 #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto
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