Ravencoin Update with Tron Black | Ravencoin Cruise '23

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Tron Black and BBT Carter sit down on the Ravencoin Cruise '23! BBT Carter ask Tron about potential new updates upcoming to Ravencoin and how the community can get involved. Most of this interview was focused on the state of Ravencoin Development and community engagement. In addition, differentiation of Ravencoin vs. other PoW Cryptocurrencies. Ravencoin based from Bitcoin codebase was a fair market launch network that provides the scare token RVN for participation. No insider, no pre-mine was created to evolve the option for Assets on a UTXO Layer 1 chain, with IPFS integration. Regarding RVN Price Performance: Ravencoin Gains Upward Momentum (November 9, 2023): Ravencoin (RVN) experienced an upward trend in line with Bitcoin's rally, which saw Bitcoin break out to $36,520, sparking a market-wide upturn. RVN Price Moves Higher (October 30, 2023): The price of Ravencoin showed steady movement throughout October 2023, with moderate risk and increasing greed in the market. Possible Bottom for Ravencoin (October 23, 2023): Ravencoin (RVN) hit a double bottom on October 11th and 17th, with values at 0.01367 and 0.01376, respectively. This was during a period when both Bitcoin and Gold were gaining momentum. Declining Crypto Risks (October 5, 2023): The decline in overall crypto risks was seen as a positive sign for RVN investors, indicating a potential new high tide for the crypto market. 👕 Check out the BitsBeTrippin merch, refresh in 2024 → bitsbetrippin.io MERCH IS BACK! 🌎 Follow BitsBeTrippin everywhere → Twitch - twitch.tv/bitsbetrippin → Twitter - twitter.com/bitsbetrippin ** Note - Some links maybe affiliate links. Links like Amazon and/or other's #ravencoin #bitcoin #asset
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