Scaramucci: Exponential demand will grow Bitcoin to $100K by year-end | Interview

cryptocurrency 9 months ago

Anthony Scaramucci, CEO and founder of SkyBridge Capital, explains his bullish case on Bitcoin and how the main cryptocurrency could reach 1 billion users by 2025. 0:00 Intro 1:09 How did you get involved in Bitcoin? 2:52 How did your experience at the White House impact your decision to embrace Bitcoin? 4:01 What is your current view of the Bitcoin market? 6:48 Is Bitcoin growing slower than Amazon? 8:52 Is institutional adoption overhyped? 11:40 What is still preventing institutions from entering the space? 13:30 What do you think of the current version of the crypto tax bill? 15:06 Can the crypto tax provision be improved? 16:42 How can Bitcoin mining become fully renewable by the end of the decade? 18:18 Is offsetting Bitcoin’s carbon emissions enough to combat climate change? 19:47 What is your Bitcoin price target for the end of 2021? 20:38 What does Bitcoin need to reach 1 billion users? 22:48 What is your investment thesis on Ethereum? 24:43 Outro Subscribe to Cointelegraph Markets Pro: #Cointelegraph #Bitcoin #CryptoMarkets Subscribe to Cointelegraph: Follow COINTELEGRAPH: Website: Telegram: Facebook: Twitter: Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.
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