Shiba JUST Broke the Internet

cryptocurrency 4 weeks ago

Shiba Crypto $Shib. Should I buy Shiba Inu? 🔗Join the Patreon: 💵Get up to $250 in Bitcoin from Blockfi ✨ Kucoin (exchange I use): Coinbase (good for beginners): 💻Free Discord Link: 📚 My YouTube academy YouTube: 💵LIMITED: Get 2 FREE Stocks: 🚚My in-depth moving company course: 📷ALL of my camera and recording equipment: ✉️Join my newsletter: Site I used to build the token: Shiba News: Shiba is at it again fighting back and forth with dogecoin in market cap but there’s still a lot of confusion around this token Timestamps: - 00:00 Intro - 00:15 Battle Royale - 00:41 We Create a Token - 02:05 The kids were not saved - 02:09 Doge vs Shiba - 03:38 That Burns - 05:26 Shiba Retirement Plan - 06:30 The Future of Shiba - 06:49 I'm a business, man - 07:02 The Data - 08:19 The Debate - 09:03 RIP Bank Account - 09:16 Shibye-bye
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