Should you hold Bitcoin or Ether in the long term? | Interview with Mati Greenspan

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

Should you hold Bitcoin or Ether in the long term? This week on The Market Report, Quantum Economics founder and CEO Mati Greenspan discusses institutions adopting Bitcoin, its volatility, BTC ETFs, altcoins, and whether you should day trade or simply buy and hodl crypto. For more markets news, analysis, and coins to watch, catch the full show at: 0:00 Intro 0:55 How did you go from wanting to be a musician to having a career in finance? 2:03 When did you realize that crypto was your future? 2:46 Are institutions getting more involved in crypto? 3:42 What needs to happen for institutions to really embrace bitcoin? 5:27 Financial news organizations view Bitcoin as any other financial asset, what do you think brought about this shift in POV for Bitcoin and crypto? 6:40 How much of an impact does news coverage have on Bitcoin? 8:38 Will Bitcoin become less volatile once it becomes more mainstream and more institutions get involved? 9:24 If the BTC ETF gets approved what do you think will happen to altcoins? 11:28 Do you encourage day trading or buying and holding? 13:56 Having received your first Bitcoin as a gift, would you say that is what started your journey into crypto? 15:26 Are there any technical analyses that you apply to your crypto management? 16:54 What's your opinion on BTC vs ETH and which is better long-term? The content of this show does not constitute financial advice. Subscribe to Cointelegraph Markets Pro: Want to join the Cointelegraph team? Check out #Cointelegraph #Bitcoin #Bitcoinprice #cryptomarket #cryptonews #Bitcoint #bitcoinnews #cryptocurrency Subscribe to Cointelegraph: Follow COINTELEGRAPH: Website: Telegram: Facebook: Twitter: Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.
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