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Episode 58 Why are so many businesses all across the world starting to adopt #bitcoin ? Why should every business incorporate Bitcoin into their business model? Ben Kaufman Follow Ben on X Follow Ben Bitcoin Keeper on X Get 10% OFF your entire order at Peony Lane Vineyard Follow Ben on X Check out Ben's Business on X Check out Ben's Website. Welcome to The Ryan Matta Show, a podcast where we dive deep into the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the future of finance. In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, navigating the myriad of options available to investors can be challenging. This podcast is designed to provide a clear and concise guide for those looking to understand the key differences between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, often referred to as "shitcoins." Hosted by industry experts and featuring interviews with leading figures in the Bitcoin space, this podcast will explore the unique features and benefits of Bitcoin that make it the top choice for investors. From its decentralized nature and limited supply to its robust security and widespread adoption, Bitcoin stands out as the gold standard in the cryptocurrency world. In each episode, we will delve into the fundamental reasons why Bitcoin should be the cornerstone of any cryptocurrency investment strategy. We will also discuss the risks and pitfalls associated with investing in "shitcoins," and why these alternative cryptocurrencies often fail to deliver the same level of long-term value and stability as Bitcoin. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting to explore the world of cryptocurrencies, this podcast will provide valuable insights and actionable advice to help you make informed decisions and maximize your returns. So join us as we uncover the truth about Bitcoin and why it is the smart choice for investors in the ever-changing crypto landscape. Follow Alex on X Follow Alex on YouTube ByBit Promo Code = 19834 SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS 2024 YouTube New Crypto Channel. Rumble Twitter Instagram Gettr CRYPTO EXCHANGES BINANCE US. CRYPTO TRADING BOTS BYBIT EXCHNAGE MEXC EXCHANGE Rumble Twitter Best Bitcoin news websites. NOTE: Nothing stated in the video is a fact. Do your own research, trust no one, everything is satire.
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