Squid Game Crypto Collapse: Big Media Got it Wrong

cryptocurrency 2 months ago

The Squid Game Crypto Rug Pull 🔗Join the Patreon: 💵Get up to $250 in Bitcoin from Blockfi ✨ Kucoin exchange: 💻Free Discord Link: Stake your Cardano in my stakepool! Ticker Symbol: MAX1 📚 My YouTube academy: 💵LIMITED: Get 2 FREE Stocks: 🚚My in-depth moving company course: 📷ALL of my camera and recording equipment: ✉️Join my newsletter: Free Crypto Scam Checklist: 🔗Join the Patreon: The Squid Game Crypto just imploded, and it’s far worse than we thought... By watching through this video you will not only understand this wild story but you will also give yourself a 99% chance of never falling for a complicated scam like this period The Squid Game At this point we all know the TV show Squid Game. Well over the course of the last couple weeks a “pLaY-tO-eArN” crypto game inspired by the Squid Game tv show started gaining traction on social media with their telegram and discord servers accumulated 10s of thousands of people looking to play the game and earn money. The premise of the game was supposed to be the same as the tv show game... participants compete in a series of games each of which reduces the total number of remaining players. In order to play the game you needed to hold a certain amount of SQUID token.. a cryptocurrency created on the binance smart chain. As of the 27th of October it was worth about 10 cents per token 2 days later on the 29th it had increased 10,000% to $10 And it didn’t stop there.. the SQUID token made a run to more than $600 by the morning of november 1st.. before exploding to $2800 in a matter of minutes. 00:00 beep-boop-beep-boop 00:30 Game on 01:25 Price Go BOOM 01:54 RIP Squidward 02:48 So What Happened? 03:30 Ouch-y 03:46 The evil plan 05:04 I’m Losing My MARBLES 05:39 A Wee Bit Sussy 05:54 It Gets Worse… 06:52 DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH 07:24 The Good News 07:45 The Red Flags 10:42 Present 4 You bb ;) 10:47 Why Can’t We Be Friends 11:52 Only real ones watch the outro My Instagram: Schedule one-on-one business consulting with me here: *I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice*
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